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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

The idea behind this blog is not to discuss the two comprehensive topics of psychological disorders and black magic in a separate fashion. Rather, it aims to highlight the strong, underlying connection between the two.

This would seem to be a little improbable to some skeptics out there. After all psychological disorders or mental illnesses are synonymous with western psychiatry whereas black magic is a paranormal phenomenon. Even if black magic is considered to be a science then it happens to fall under the category of occult sciences. So according to rational and logical thinkers, these two topics may be poles apart with nothing common in between them. Psychological disorders are related to the world of western medicine and psychiatry whereas black magic has been simply written off as a mere superstition and a gimmick to take gullible people for a ride.

However, this blog intends to present the Islamic view on this subject, which is not a narrow one but holistic, instead. Science, as we know, plays an essential yet limited role of seeking to explain the phenomena of the material world. However, there are plenty of occurrences in the world which fall outside the realm of science. It is beyond the capacity of science to explain or measure the paranormal phenomenon such as angels, souls etc so it has written them off as blind beliefs.

Allah (swt)- The All-Knowing says in the Holy Quran, ‘Those who devour usury will not stand, except as one whom Satan by his touch hath driven to madness’. (2:275).
Though this verse primarily deals with the topic of Riba or usury yet it also shows us that Satan can make a person a psycho through his cunning ploys. This simply means that the ones who surrender before Satan or those who fail to deal with Satan prudently, ultimately get overpowered by Satan and turn into psychopaths.
Now the million dollar question which arises at this point is that how does Satan manage to make a person deranged?

If we look at the definition of a psychological/mental disorder then we find that it has been described as a condition which affects a person’s emotional, social and cognitive functions. Such disorders can adversely affect multiple areas of a person’s life. So according to the Holy Quran Satan can drive a person mad or in other words he can affect a person’s social, emotional and cognitive functions on the daily basis-but how??

If we look at the number of psychological disorders prevalent in today’s society then we will find that the list is quite extensive. So how do you suppose that Satan, whether single-handedly or with the help of his aides, manages to create so many different types of psychological disorders in the society?
The answer is very easy- to -understand for those who have a strong faith in Allah (swt) and His Word and very hard-to-believe for those who have been blinded and hypnotized by Satan.

The way in which Satan performs this feat is through his whispers… which he pours into the ears of mankind…every now and then.., with evil intentions.
In case of a believer, these Satanic whispers end up like a pesky mosquito, that is flicked away every time it turns up. The Satanic whispers cannot harm or drive a believer mad because a believer knows how to handle them efficiently. Firstly, he learns to differentiate them from his own original thoughts. Secondly, he disbelieves them and does not entertain them- he simply ignores them! Lastly, he does not act upon them. So armed with this anti-Satanic strategy the believer renders the Satanic whispers useless.

For the ignorant ones, on the other hand, these Satanic whispers are as painful as molten lava being poured into their ears. This is because they start believing in whatever make-believe stories Satan pours into their ears. They start pondering over it again and again. They are fooled into believing that they are thinking about all those evil ideas themselves. This kind of reckless and immature handling of Satanic whispers leads to a plethora of phobias, manias, anxiety disorders, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, suicidal tendencies etc.

As far as black magic is concerned, most of us are aware that it involves the use of negative energies (evil jinnat, silfi Moakkils etc) to harm the victim or to influence them to do something negative. Now again the question arises that how can a jinn influence the victim to do something specific or harmful, which the enemy wants the victim to do? This time too the answer is the same. The jinnat implants evil thoughts or Satanic whispers into the mind of the victim and pressurizes him into doing something evil. In some cases, the victim manages to get away from the ill-effects by not responding to such intrusive thoughts. However, in most of the cases, the victim falls prey to the constant negative emotions, nagging fear and petrifying thoughts, which are cunningly whispered into the ears of the victim.

So the victims who suffer from the various so-called mental illnesses are simply the ones who, according to the Holy Quran (2:275) have been maddened by the touch of Satan.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

If one really needs to escape from the clutches of a psychological disorder then the real solution can be found only through Islamic psychology.

Islam has thrown light on this topic in an in-depth and realistic way whereas the western psychology can only entangle us in a maze of confusion and lead us nowhere. Even in the 21st century, the western psychologists are unable to offer a single, solid and tangible cause why people suffer from intrusive thoughts. Islam, on the contrary makes things simpler for us by ending all the speculation and utter chaos surrounding the concept of the so-called intrusive thoughts. According to Islam, these intrusive thoughts (which according to western psychiatry are the root cause of various psychological problems) are the evil thoughts whispered into the ears of people by Satan. Islam has made it clear that Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind and the only weapon possessed by Satan to mislead and destroy us and thereby succeed in his mission against Allah (swt), is through the infamous Satanic whispers.

The hitherto complicated problem created by the disturbing Satanic whispers gets further aggravated if people also face an onslaught of black magic by their enemies. This makes the situation quite tricky for a person to handle because this means that instead of just one devil, there might be many more, trying to gnaw at his ears in a bid to influence him or her. These Satanic whispers, known in the western world of psychology as intrusive thoughts, are simply assaults at a psychic level for which the enemy hires black magicians. The intention behind doing so is generally jealousy, malice, envy; a burning desire to stay ahead in competition, vengeance and greed. The innocent victims are oblivious and unsuspicious about the evil designs of their enemies and more than often consider them to be their well-wishers.

Now the question may crop up that why the black magic jinnat try to harm the victims through Satanic whispers? What sort of a weapon is this? Does it produce any tangible results or not?
As far as the lethalness of this weapon is concerned it has been described as a being weak by the Holy Quran.
Allah (swt) says in the Quran-4:76, ‘Ever feeble is the plot of Shaitan’.
Satan only succeeds in his mission when a person lacks enough faith in the Almighty Allah (swt).

Now coming back to the main point, we should realize that Satan cannot force us into committing any misdeed, physically. This is where his weakness lies. Moreover, he cannot shake the faith of Allah (swt)’s slaves also because they understand his evil motives and cunning strategies. In this case also his weakness stands exposed.

So rather than trying to exert pressure on people physically Satan is left with the only option of trying to influence their thought patterns. So he tries to attack them on a mental level. If the black magician is hired to wreck the victim’s career then the former will instruct his devils to plants negative thoughts in the victim’s mind regarding his work. Resultantly the naïve victim will identify those satanic whispers as being his own thoughts and start losing interest in his work. He will be cunningly bombarded with thoughts by the evil jinnat which will induce laziness and disinterestedness in him and which will distract him totally or partially from his work sphere, depending on the power of the jinnat. So by controlling the victim’s mind through evil whispers/intrusive thoughts the devils eventually hypnotize him and make him a puppet in their hands.
   Thus the evil mission of the enemy, the black magician and his jinnat is accomplished and the victim is rendered jobless.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

Before I discuss about hallucinations from the Islamic perspective let us first see what the western psychologists have to say about it.  

According to them, hallucinations refer to seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or feeling things which do not actually exist. They occur commonly in schizophrenia. Hearing voices is considered to be a common type of hallucination. The people who experience such voices have a feeling that someone is talking to them when there is no one around them. Hearing voices is considered to be a common symptom of a severe mental disorder. However, not everyone who experiences such voices may be mentally ill.
By not accepting the truth that intrusive thoughts are supernatural in nature and Satan induced, we find that the western psychology has coined another term, ‘hallucination’ so that they can further impress people with their mental health jargon and lead to even more confusion.

Intrusive thoughts have been described as unwelcome thoughts, unpleasant images or ideas that may become obsessions. They can be difficult to eliminate and are annoying and distressing. What is basically happening here is that the Satanic whispers or the whispering of the black magic jinnat, which is obviously distressing and annoying, is being camouflaged by various fancy names such as intrusive thoughts, hallucinations, delusions etc. As I have discussed in my previous post, the cunning Satanic whispers are heard by us as our own thoughts, and they are obviously intrusive by nature, because no one wishes to entertain such obscene thoughts.

At this point I would like to mention a hadith which is related to Satanic whispers. Narrated Abu Hurairah, ‘Some of the Prophet’s (pbuh) Companions came to him and said, ‘We find in ourselves thoughts that are too terrible to speak of’. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) asked, ‘Are you really suffering from that’? They replied, ‘Yes’. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said,
That is a clear sign of faith’. (Muslim)

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) later also advised the people suffering from Satanic whispers or the intrusive thoughts, as the western psychology prefers to call it, that they are not meant to be repeated as this can lead to their reinforcement and neither are they meant to be acted upon. By handling these uninvited thoughts in this way a Muslim can be rest assured that they will not be counted as a sin. To further elaborate this point I am mentioning another pertinent hadith.     

It was narrated by Abu Hurairah (ra) that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Allah Ta’ala has forgiven my Ummah regarding those waswasas (whispering of Shaitan) that creep into their hearts so long they do not act upon them or bring them onto their tongues’.
 So we find that the Satanic whispers have been conveniently named as intrusive thoughts, whereas all the black magic jinnat activity has been termed as hallucinations. The jinnat can make the victim see or feel things which do not actually exist. This happens because the jinnat are armed only with this tool of treachery. So they try to scare the victim through intrusive thoughts or depress him to the point that they can begin to control him.

   A lot of hullabaloo is made over the concept of hearing voices too in psychology although it is a purely paranormal phenomenon. It occurs when the black magic jinnat try to captivate the victim’s mind. So the victim may feel as if someone has called out his name whereas no one has done it in reality.

 So though the victim is suffering from black magic, western psychology labels the victim as being mentally ill. Being considered as mentally ill is a kind of a stigma in the society. The victim, without any fault of his loses self-esteem and starts withdrawing from the society. He or she may get stuck in a vicious circle of stigma-discrimination-withdrawal and hiding-avoiding treatment. Psychological disorder is one the major reason why many people commit suicide every year. Unfortunately, the victim suffers so much at the hands of the society which does not identify his actual problem and instead labels him as insane.

Coming back to the main topic of this post, I can elucidate with the help of a few examples how the paranormal phenomenon of black magic has been typecast as hallucination by the western psychiatry.

·         One of the symptoms of black magic is a sensation of insects crawling beneath one’s skin. This happens due to the jinnat who enter the victim’s body in order to harm him. This phenomenon has been highlighted as a sub-type of tactile hallucination, known as formication and it has been associated with hordes of problems such as cocaine use, menopause lyme, skins cancer etc. Now to prove this wrong I can give the example of many victims who have been experiencing such crawling sensations but they were absolutely healthy, in the physical sense. So where were the weird sensations coming from if not from the jinnaat assaults??
·         If the jinnat, at the behest of the black magician, want the victim to commit an offense or a sin so they simply plant thoughts in the victim’s mind. Consequently, the victim may experience thoughts which command him to do certain negative things. Again this supernatural phenomenon of commanding thoughts has been presented before the world as a type of hallucination known as Commanding hallucination.

There are any more examples wherein clear cut cases of black magic have been camouflaged as mental illness thereby leading to utter confusion, complications and irreversible loss to the victim due to lack of timely spiritual treatment. Therefore, instead of considering whatever the western psychiatrists have to say as Gospel truth it is better to believe in Islamic psychology and consider a spiritual treatment. In cases where a person suffers from a physical problem rather than a spiritual one, the genuine spiritual healers themselves advise the patient to seek medical help. However, it would be quite tragic if the problem of black magic jinnat is given a cure of anti-psychotic medication and talk therapies.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

While trying to avoid the reality of black magic the psychiatrists have coined yet another term, i.e. delusion. This is said to be a kind of a severe mental illness, known as psychosis. Delusions have been defined as a false belief which is strongly held by a person despite invalidating evidence.

If the western psychologists are quizzed about the cause of delusions then they say that explaining the causes of delusions continues to be a challenge to them. They have developed not one but a plethora of theories about the causes of delusion but none of the theories are tangible, for sure. If we ponder over those several theories then we may end up in a labyrinth. By not accepting the reality behind these so-called mental illnesses, innocent people are being completely misled by being labeled as psychos. What they fail to understand is that in most of the cases, delusion is caused when the aggressive black magic entities start gnawing into the victim’s existence and start bombarding them with petrifying thoughts. Most of the victims fail to realize what is wrong with them and fall prey to the evil tactics of the black magic jinnat. When the victims start believing in all the unrealistic facts which they are told through waswasas the result is that they start experiencing what is known as hearing voices phenomenon, intrusive thoughts, delusions etc. Due to constant psychic attacks by the jinnat the psyche of the victim gets affected and this leads to a number of so-called mental disorders such as schizophrenia, delusional disorders, bi-polar disorders, mania, psychosis to name just a few.

Interestingly, most of these so-called mental disorders have a common symptom of hearing voices or intrusive thoughts. Since it is clear that the hearing voices phenomenon is not the product of the victim’s own mind but the result of paranormal activity such as jinnat possession or black magic, it goes without saying that all mental disorders are linked with black magic.

I am going to mention a couple of real life cases here which show how black magic jinnat can turn a normal person into a psycho. If one observes such black magic- induced psychological disorder cases then one is bound to notice that in each case the jinnat had set out with a particular goal in mind. In order to achieve their specific goals, they plant specific thoughts in the victim’s mind. These thoughts help them to succeed in their evil plans by captivating the victim’s mind. The helpless victim’s mind becomes like a busy road where these externally planted evil thoughts keep zooming by every now and then. The victim is attacked by these intrusive thoughts repeatedly and if he does not identify the real nature of these thoughts then he begins to feel threatened by such thoughts. He begins to dwell on such thoughts and if he starts acting on them, then the real problem begins. This leads to fear psychosis, OCD (obsessive and compulsive disorders) etc. Islam has discouraged its followers from acting on such waswasas in order to protect oneself from sin. Acting on them means that the victim will end up doing whatever Satan or the black magic jinnat want the victim to do. 

Psychologically speaking, delusions have been grouped into 4 categories. However, we are more concerned about the viewpoint of Islam psychology here. 

·         In a real life case, a man started nurturing a delusion that he is being followed by the police. His fear grew so strong that he left his home and started living with his brother in another city. However, his problem did not subside and despite everyone’s pacifications his fears grew stronger. He believed that he had complained about someone to the ministry so the police was after him. The fact was that nothing of this sort had actually happened but he had this non-bizarre delusion in his mind. The people around him tried to console him by saying, ‘You do not worry. We will handle the police’. However, his fears eventually got the better of him. The black magic done on him was meant to compel him to commit suicide and this is exactly what he did. So what had happened in this case was that an irrational fear was instilled into his mind (through intrusive thoughts or waswas generated by the jinnat) that the police would eventually nab him and imprison him. His fears grew so stronger that he felt that there is no escape and he should put his life to end to avoid the embarrassment of getting aught. Unfortunately, his real problem was not identified due to lack of awareness about black magic.
·         In yet another case of black magic- induced delusion, an otherwise normal woman, started firmly believing that if she ate anything which had been cooked by someone else besides her then she will be poisoned to death. So, she stopped eating a balanced diet and used to cook a meager meal for herself. Consequently, she grew weaker day by day and she would spend long hours sitting under the scorching summer sun. She died soon after and here too, the mission of the black magician was to end her life, which he did successfully by creating this particular delusion in her mind.

    So when the black magic jinnat want to achieve a cunning, evil goal they execute their plan equally cunningly, through such delusions. Unawareness about the tactics of jinnat leads to the perpetuation of the delusions, which proves to be lethal for the victim.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

According to the western psychologists, OCD or obsessive –compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder which is characterized by intrusive thoughts. These intrusive thoughts are just another name for Satanic whispers and other types of voices heard at the sub-conscious level due to black magic activity. In western psychology these intrusive thoughts have been described as unwelcome and repetitive thoughts, images and ideas. The same also holds true for the Satanic whispers. OCD is yet another way of describing the same old phenomenon of black magic induced waswasas-in a new fashion

Had OCD been a mental illness as it is made out to be then why are the psychologists so helpless when it comes to pinpointing the cause behind this disorder? Till date they are not sure as to which factors triggers this disorder and that why do some people suffer from such a disorder and the rest manage to dodge it.

Research is still going on to explore the various possibilities but it is next to impossible to mistakenly tag paranormal activities such as black magic as a mental illness and then pretend to cure it. Paranormal phenomenon may be outside the purview of medical science but this does not mean that psychologists can label black magic cases as various psychological disorders and then pretend to cure it. This sounds as absurd as a spiritual healer who tries his hand at curing a case of malaria through amulets, knowing fully well that the ailment is caused by a particular mosquito.

So when the black magic cases are left untreated and the victim has no idea about what he is being subjected to by his enemies then such a victim tends to succumb to the jinnat’s tactics. The naïve victim misconstrues the voice of Satan or the jinnat as being his own. He does not stop to take notice that how could he think about such outrageous and perverted thoughts. Consequently he is fooled into believing in false ideas. This is basically why people start nurturing delusions such as- they are being followed by cops or that doctors are plotting against them to poison them etc. Such victims start believing in the distorted facts the jinnat want them to believe in. This kind of situation creates complications for the victims and they become depressed, anxious, maniac or panicky. Such situations have been labeled with various names in western psychology and OCD is simply one of them.
To make the picture clearer let me elaborate this topic further. Psychologists describe obsessions as unwanted, uncontrollable and repeated thoughts images or impulses which create feelings of despair, fear or disgust. The obsessions can be quite distracting and time consuming and they affect important daily chores. On the other hand compulsions refer to repetitive behavior which a person indulges in order to avoid their obsessions. Compulsions are also time consuming like obsessions and prove to be hurdles in the normal day to day routine of a person.

·         In a real life case a woman puts her child to sleep on a cot and goes to the kitchen to cook food. She is fooled by the Satan into believing that her child has fallen off from the bed and whenever she will go into his room she will find him fallen down on the floor. This thought disturbs her repeatedly (obsession) and the woman will gets distracted from her cooking out of fear. She keeps going into the room to check if her child is alright (compulsion).
·         In a commonly occurring case people have an obsession that their hands are dirty and due to this irrational fear they feel that they need to sanitize their hands. So they keep washing their hands every now and then.

The Holy Quran teaches us that Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind and he whispers into the hearts of the people (Surah Naas) in order to entice them and fool them. Surah Falaq teaches us about the dark reality of black magic and is also a prayer for protecting oneself from this dark reality. We also have enough evidence from hadith literature which shows that acting on Satan-induced intrusive thoughts is a sin. This implies that it is only the feeble minds that lose control and lead themselves into sins by overestimating their waswasas and by acting on them.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

Those suffering from intrusive thoughts or the ‘hearing voices’ syndrome can be grouped into two broad categories- first are those who have faith in Allah (swt) and the others who are devoid of it. It has been found that if a person who has faith suffers from such thoughts then they easily identify such thoughts as being demonic in nature. Once they understand the real nature of the intrusive thoughts, which lead to hordes of the so-called psychiatric problems, they are in a better position to handle those thoughts or waswasas. Besides self-talk- in which most of us indulge once in a while-we can get thoughts from our own conscience, which are also known as the sixth sense. However, this phenomenon is entirely different from the intrusive, demonic thoughts because they come from our own soul. Such thoughts are always positive and they guide us towards the right direction. On the contrary the Satanic intrusive thoughts are meant to create panic in our minds. Their underlying purpose is always evil and they are meant to dislodge us from the reality, to petrify us or entice us into doing something evil. If we dwell in these thoughts instead of remaining unaffected then they incite negative emotions and tensions in our mind. Therefore, such intrusive thoughts can be easily distinguished from the thoughts we receive from our soul as the latter do not create tensions in our mind. Overcoming such devil-induced thoughts is a matter of faith and awareness about the true nature of these thoughts. Those suffering from such thoughts but lacking faith are definitely not able to tackle these thoughts effectively.  

Mishandling and overrating of the intrusive thoughts can create several types of problems in a person which have been cleverly named as psychological disorders. One of the names assigned to such paranormal problems is dissociative identity disorder.

Now let us analyze the symptoms of this disorder from the western psychology’s viewpoint.

People who are thought to be suffering from this disorder show the following signs:
·         Split personality
·         Depression
·         Suicidal tendencies
·         Night terrors
·         Intrusive thoughts
·         Hearing voices
·         Mood swings
·         Compulsions
·         Hallucinations-auditory and visual
·         Out-of –the body experiences
·         Self-mutilation
·         A feeling of being a passenger in their own body, instead of being a driver.
·         A feeling that their mind is under someone else’s control
·         A feeling that they are being compelled into doing things which they do not do normally.  

If we notice, we may find that each of the above mentioned symptom occurs in the cases of black magic too. So if someone is suffering from the above mentioned symptoms then it is quite unlikely that they may get any relief from medical treatment because the problem is a supernatural one. If a person tries solving his DID problem from the western psychological viewpoint then he will find there is a lack of consent in the diagnosis and also the treatment of DID. In fact, in western psychology, even the cause of DID is shrouded in controversies. However, if a person tries solving his problem from the Islamic psychology’s viewpoint then all his queries will get answered because this concept is quite clear for any spiritual healer.

When the jinnat manage to possess the victim and start dwelling in his body then they affect his personality, nature, moods, habits etc. Sometimes when they show up before an Islamic exorcist then they can start speaking in an alien language which the victim is unfamiliar with. All these phenomena have been presented in a bewildering way by the west so the real solution lies only in Islamic exorcism.

The spiritual healers can identify the true nature of any problem, whether it is physical or paranormal and offer a proper diagnosis so the victim will be in safe hands. On the other hand the psychiatrists deny the presence of souls, angels and other paranormal entities. So they can never refer a patient to a spiritual healer and will go on with their misdiagnosis.     

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname