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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

The idea behind this blog is not to discuss the two comprehensive topics of psychological disorders and black magic in a separate fashion. Rather, it aims to highlight the strong, underlying connection between the two.

This would seem to be a little improbable to some skeptics out there. After all psychological disorders or mental illnesses are synonymous with western psychiatry whereas black magic is a paranormal phenomenon. Even if black magic is considered to be a science then it happens to fall under the category of occult sciences. So according to rational and logical thinkers, these two topics may be poles apart with nothing common in between them. Psychological disorders are related to the world of western medicine and psychiatry whereas black magic has been simply written off as a mere superstition and a gimmick to take gullible people for a ride.

However, this blog intends to present the Islamic view on this subject, which is not a narrow one but holistic, instead. Science, as we know, plays an essential yet limited role of seeking to explain the phenomena of the material world. However, there are plenty of occurrences in the world which fall outside the realm of science. It is beyond the capacity of science to explain or measure the paranormal phenomenon such as angels, souls etc so it has written them off as blind beliefs.

Allah (swt)- The All-Knowing says in the Holy Quran, ‘Those who devour usury will not stand, except as one whom Satan by his touch hath driven to madness’. (2:275).
Though this verse primarily deals with the topic of Riba or usury yet it also shows us that Satan can make a person a psycho through his cunning ploys. This simply means that the ones who surrender before Satan or those who fail to deal with Satan prudently, ultimately get overpowered by Satan and turn into psychopaths.
Now the million dollar question which arises at this point is that how does Satan manage to make a person deranged?

If we look at the definition of a psychological/mental disorder then we find that it has been described as a condition which affects a person’s emotional, social and cognitive functions. Such disorders can adversely affect multiple areas of a person’s life. So according to the Holy Quran Satan can drive a person mad or in other words he can affect a person’s social, emotional and cognitive functions on the daily basis-but how??

If we look at the number of psychological disorders prevalent in today’s society then we will find that the list is quite extensive. So how do you suppose that Satan, whether single-handedly or with the help of his aides, manages to create so many different types of psychological disorders in the society?
The answer is very easy- to -understand for those who have a strong faith in Allah (swt) and His Word and very hard-to-believe for those who have been blinded and hypnotized by Satan.

The way in which Satan performs this feat is through his whispers… which he pours into the ears of mankind…every now and then.., with evil intentions.
In case of a believer, these Satanic whispers end up like a pesky mosquito, that is flicked away every time it turns up. The Satanic whispers cannot harm or drive a believer mad because a believer knows how to handle them efficiently. Firstly, he learns to differentiate them from his own original thoughts. Secondly, he disbelieves them and does not entertain them- he simply ignores them! Lastly, he does not act upon them. So armed with this anti-Satanic strategy the believer renders the Satanic whispers useless.

For the ignorant ones, on the other hand, these Satanic whispers are as painful as molten lava being poured into their ears. This is because they start believing in whatever make-believe stories Satan pours into their ears. They start pondering over it again and again. They are fooled into believing that they are thinking about all those evil ideas themselves. This kind of reckless and immature handling of Satanic whispers leads to a plethora of phobias, manias, anxiety disorders, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, suicidal tendencies etc.

As far as black magic is concerned, most of us are aware that it involves the use of negative energies (evil jinnat, silfi Moakkils etc) to harm the victim or to influence them to do something negative. Now again the question arises that how can a jinn influence the victim to do something specific or harmful, which the enemy wants the victim to do? This time too the answer is the same. The jinnat implants evil thoughts or Satanic whispers into the mind of the victim and pressurizes him into doing something evil. In some cases, the victim manages to get away from the ill-effects by not responding to such intrusive thoughts. However, in most of the cases, the victim falls prey to the constant negative emotions, nagging fear and petrifying thoughts, which are cunningly whispered into the ears of the victim.

So the victims who suffer from the various so-called mental illnesses are simply the ones who, according to the Holy Quran (2:275) have been maddened by the touch of Satan.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

do you know any sheikh who does quran treatment for psychiatric illness? i want a sheikh who has succesfully cured patients by Quran.

i suffer from severe mental disease for 17 years now

Shamayla said...


I am Shamayla from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am in difficult situation since last five years. I got married with my cousin. He was suffering from Bipolar Disorde(mental illness) almost 5 years before marriage.

His parents didn't told us about his mental illness and his situation before marriage. Now after 3 years i came to know that what type of sick he is. It is now hard for me to live with him. He changed his Fiqah from Sunni to Shia. He do not believe on most of Hadees books. Thinking that they are fake. He cannot have a stable relationship with me. He already divorced me out of anger and came back to me.

Now I have 2 years old daughter. And he has hurt me badly by hand in anger.

I cannot give me more chances to destroy my personality and self-Respect. Even i have fear of my own life is not safe with him.
He is on medication. But still his logics understandings about life is not like a normal man. He thinks negative.
HE can not make good decisions for future and life. And nor he trust me as life partner to take decisions.

I finally came back to my parents and thinking of taking khula as better option.

Please help me in this situation. I do not want to live with him and his family any more.


hafsa said...

i have read quite of your blogs and your understanding and advices seems to be with in limits sharia..i am really impressed by your knowledge of matters relating to black which is widely spread in our society now days
my name is hafsa live in delhi India and have been told to be a victim of black magic by many people who claim to be experts. in it my whole family has been a victim of it..
i want your views on the symptoms of black magic because i suffer many mental problems depression has become a part of me but i don't know its just a mental problem or really black magic i m facing difficulties in getting married.could you plz tell me is it bcoz of black magic or just my destiny..can you provide me its answer i would be very grateful to you if you help me out .
may Allah accept all your good deeds i m waiting ur reply

asma said...

Asslam u alakum I am asma .My husband is psycho patient last 14 years he is suffering death and height phobia.After many type of medication ,he consulted a lady psychotherapist in 2010.Now he totally dependent on her. she wants to marry with my husband after broken my home.We have 15 years of married life and 3 kids. I want to get rid of her but how can it possible?

Anonymous said...

My sister's She has auditory and visual hallucinations. in the beginning of fit, she becomes introvert, talks to herself, smiles even laughs during it, avoids us, no sleep at all for 6-7 days.then in next phase she starts shouting strange words, does not tolerate parents esp.father, shows fear of close male relatives,has shivering, sweating, tries to escape from home.says qayamat aa chuki hai. every body is dead . i am in grave. i can see God (Allah Taa'la). He will punish me etc etc and cries bitterly, and meant more symptoms.
Doctors says this a case of schizophrenia. and amils say someone has done jadu on her.but no one is successfully able to treat her. moreover if she getts better once, then on second time, treatment from the same amil fails and we have to look for another amil.
she is in this condition for the last 3 years. she gets a fit every 3 to 6 month.
Kindly use your expertise and advise us what is the real matter, psychic matter or jadu. If u need more info please let me know.and keep this email private.
Thank you very much

Ashish said...

Respected sir my name is Ashish and belong to India. Since 5 years i m suffering from some mental illness which doters are not able to understand. It started with pain in my eyes then after few months i felt like i cannot feel the outside world....i can see but it never sits in my mind....sunlight color seems unnatural..sun seems like bomb is blasting...sunlight mixture of yellow and black some times red color.....cannot feel people....always darkness and restless in mind....mind becomes inactive like there is no signal coming...all tests EEG mri performed but they dint give abnormal results. Psychologist even was unable to understand the problem he gave me ocd antidepressant and schizophrenia anxiety controlling tablets. By which i was 70 percent OK. But sir in 5 years whenever i don't take medicine the problem is repeated. I don't have ocd no anxiety no depression. I am happy person and sing too but this illness kills me i cannot walk or feel active. I see sunlight and nature unnatural.
Some pandit told me it is kal tantra or black magic done to u by your relative.
Sir can this be possible if so why i m getting relief from medicines. Why i see sunlight normal and feel people after taking medicines. One more question if its a mental illness why it is there still after 5 years also. Sir plz give me the answer as soon as possible. I will be highly obliged to you with that.
Yours sincearly

Varalakshmi said...

Dear sir / mam
I have been suffering from mental disorder like OCD , catastrophic thinking, PTSD very badly for past 7 to 8 years. Please help me to overcome this by keeping me in ur prayers.

Thank you

Amiera said...

Salaam my brother in Islam.

I am so afraid that the person doing this won’t stop, I am reading my salaah and reciting it seems that this person is so hard on getting me down, I have been physically and mentally sick for almost 2 years now.
The persistence is scaring me because I might fall very ill…my life is torture every single day.
Please can you advise on recitals?


ayoob said...

My name is ayoob. I am from chennai, India.

I had some problems like lost job, then mental tension , depression, face change and rudeness.. etc.
So approached one moulana and he said that someone has given magic through some food item. Then i went to another moulana to confirm and he said the same.
So i had this magic removed from my stomach through one reference from moulana. And it took almost a year to clear all this. and life was feeling normal.

Again i started to get same issues as before, so when i went back to the moulana and asked. He said the black magic has been done again on you and this time with the help of khabees he said.
So i would like to know who is behind this and whats their intention.
Pls let me know the amal to find out who is behind this or if you can tell by yourself that will be more heplful.