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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum, 

Most of us are aware of the phenomenon of yellow journalism. Instead of presenting before the world- news which is based on well-researched facts, some unscrupulous people believe in distorting and exaggerating the truth in order to create sensationalized news for attracting readers. This is happening all around us in recent times, whether in the news channels, in the newspapers, in the world of advertising or internet. I have used the example of yellow journalism deliberately to show how people can be fooled into believing any fib, unless they stop lapping up whatever is being presented to them. Before we believe in anything which we are being told cross-checking is essential to get the facts straight.

Likewise, many distorted facts are being presented before us by the world of science. Those with a scientific bent of mind believe in it as Gospel truth. Unfortunately, even those who follow Islam sometimes fall prey to false perceptions due to unfamiliarity with the Quranic teachings. Many Muslims doubt about the existence of jinnat and black magic just because these have not been documented by science. Islam and science are not discordant and this fact is evident by the Holy Quran which has presented many scientific truths before the humanity in the 6th century. Bone loss in old age, harmful effects of pork; ant communication and helio-centric system are just a few of the many scientific facts mentioned in the Quran. So the Holy Quran encompasses the truths about Allah (swt)’s Creation, including the scientific ones. Hence, it is all-encompassing and perfect. On the contrary, the subject of science or psychology is imperfect as it does not have anything to say about the supernatural elements present in the universe. Therefore, following science rather than Islam in matters where the former contradicts the latter is tantamount to sin.        

Since the Holy Quran has mentioned that Satan can control the minds of the weak ones amongst us and lead them to insanity so we need to understand that every mental illness which has been documented by psychology is brought about by Satanic whispers and black magic. If anyone fails to understand this real cause behind most of the mental illnesses then one is sure to get caught in a maze. Psychology does not bother to elucidate the cause of mental illnesses but it rather tends to offer quite an exhaustive list of theories, each contradicting the other. There are also several cases of diagnostic confusion and patients may get stuck in a blind alley.
Science has conveniently grouped everything which is beyond its scope as paranormal. The phenomena of souls, poltergeists, sorcery, life after death and angels are considered to be meaningless and abnormal by the scientists. We know for sure that sorcery has been performed on our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and the concepts of life after death, i.e. Aakhrah and angels also find their mention in the Holy Quran. So psychology, due to its limited knowledge, has been confusing people by their own version of mental illnesses. They have wrongly portrayed Satanic whispers as intrusive thoughts and black magic/Satan induced madness as various mental disorders. Islam, on the contrary, enlightens mankind with the truth.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential for us to do a reality check and to try solving psychological ailments through spiritual healing because Satan and his ilk cannot be controlled through medications and therapies.                

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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