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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

According to the western psychologists, OCD or obsessive –compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder which is characterized by intrusive thoughts. These intrusive thoughts are just another name for Satanic whispers and other types of voices heard at the sub-conscious level due to black magic activity. In western psychology these intrusive thoughts have been described as unwelcome and repetitive thoughts, images and ideas. The same also holds true for the Satanic whispers. OCD is yet another way of describing the same old phenomenon of black magic induced waswasas-in a new fashion

Had OCD been a mental illness as it is made out to be then why are the psychologists so helpless when it comes to pinpointing the cause behind this disorder? Till date they are not sure as to which factors triggers this disorder and that why do some people suffer from such a disorder and the rest manage to dodge it.

Research is still going on to explore the various possibilities but it is next to impossible to mistakenly tag paranormal activities such as black magic as a mental illness and then pretend to cure it. Paranormal phenomenon may be outside the purview of medical science but this does not mean that psychologists can label black magic cases as various psychological disorders and then pretend to cure it. This sounds as absurd as a spiritual healer who tries his hand at curing a case of malaria through amulets, knowing fully well that the ailment is caused by a particular mosquito.

So when the black magic cases are left untreated and the victim has no idea about what he is being subjected to by his enemies then such a victim tends to succumb to the jinnat’s tactics. The naïve victim misconstrues the voice of Satan or the jinnat as being his own. He does not stop to take notice that how could he think about such outrageous and perverted thoughts. Consequently he is fooled into believing in false ideas. This is basically why people start nurturing delusions such as- they are being followed by cops or that doctors are plotting against them to poison them etc. Such victims start believing in the distorted facts the jinnat want them to believe in. This kind of situation creates complications for the victims and they become depressed, anxious, maniac or panicky. Such situations have been labeled with various names in western psychology and OCD is simply one of them.
To make the picture clearer let me elaborate this topic further. Psychologists describe obsessions as unwanted, uncontrollable and repeated thoughts images or impulses which create feelings of despair, fear or disgust. The obsessions can be quite distracting and time consuming and they affect important daily chores. On the other hand compulsions refer to repetitive behavior which a person indulges in order to avoid their obsessions. Compulsions are also time consuming like obsessions and prove to be hurdles in the normal day to day routine of a person.

·         In a real life case a woman puts her child to sleep on a cot and goes to the kitchen to cook food. She is fooled by the Satan into believing that her child has fallen off from the bed and whenever she will go into his room she will find him fallen down on the floor. This thought disturbs her repeatedly (obsession) and the woman will gets distracted from her cooking out of fear. She keeps going into the room to check if her child is alright (compulsion).
·         In a commonly occurring case people have an obsession that their hands are dirty and due to this irrational fear they feel that they need to sanitize their hands. So they keep washing their hands every now and then.

The Holy Quran teaches us that Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind and he whispers into the hearts of the people (Surah Naas) in order to entice them and fool them. Surah Falaq teaches us about the dark reality of black magic and is also a prayer for protecting oneself from this dark reality. We also have enough evidence from hadith literature which shows that acting on Satan-induced intrusive thoughts is a sin. This implies that it is only the feeble minds that lose control and lead themselves into sins by overestimating their waswasas and by acting on them.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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