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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

While trying to avoid the reality of black magic the psychiatrists have coined yet another term, i.e. delusion. This is said to be a kind of a severe mental illness, known as psychosis. Delusions have been defined as a false belief which is strongly held by a person despite invalidating evidence.

If the western psychologists are quizzed about the cause of delusions then they say that explaining the causes of delusions continues to be a challenge to them. They have developed not one but a plethora of theories about the causes of delusion but none of the theories are tangible, for sure. If we ponder over those several theories then we may end up in a labyrinth. By not accepting the reality behind these so-called mental illnesses, innocent people are being completely misled by being labeled as psychos. What they fail to understand is that in most of the cases, delusion is caused when the aggressive black magic entities start gnawing into the victim’s existence and start bombarding them with petrifying thoughts. Most of the victims fail to realize what is wrong with them and fall prey to the evil tactics of the black magic jinnat. When the victims start believing in all the unrealistic facts which they are told through waswasas the result is that they start experiencing what is known as hearing voices phenomenon, intrusive thoughts, delusions etc. Due to constant psychic attacks by the jinnat the psyche of the victim gets affected and this leads to a number of so-called mental disorders such as schizophrenia, delusional disorders, bi-polar disorders, mania, psychosis to name just a few.

Interestingly, most of these so-called mental disorders have a common symptom of hearing voices or intrusive thoughts. Since it is clear that the hearing voices phenomenon is not the product of the victim’s own mind but the result of paranormal activity such as jinnat possession or black magic, it goes without saying that all mental disorders are linked with black magic.

I am going to mention a couple of real life cases here which show how black magic jinnat can turn a normal person into a psycho. If one observes such black magic- induced psychological disorder cases then one is bound to notice that in each case the jinnat had set out with a particular goal in mind. In order to achieve their specific goals, they plant specific thoughts in the victim’s mind. These thoughts help them to succeed in their evil plans by captivating the victim’s mind. The helpless victim’s mind becomes like a busy road where these externally planted evil thoughts keep zooming by every now and then. The victim is attacked by these intrusive thoughts repeatedly and if he does not identify the real nature of these thoughts then he begins to feel threatened by such thoughts. He begins to dwell on such thoughts and if he starts acting on them, then the real problem begins. This leads to fear psychosis, OCD (obsessive and compulsive disorders) etc. Islam has discouraged its followers from acting on such waswasas in order to protect oneself from sin. Acting on them means that the victim will end up doing whatever Satan or the black magic jinnat want the victim to do. 

Psychologically speaking, delusions have been grouped into 4 categories. However, we are more concerned about the viewpoint of Islam psychology here. 

·         In a real life case, a man started nurturing a delusion that he is being followed by the police. His fear grew so strong that he left his home and started living with his brother in another city. However, his problem did not subside and despite everyone’s pacifications his fears grew stronger. He believed that he had complained about someone to the ministry so the police was after him. The fact was that nothing of this sort had actually happened but he had this non-bizarre delusion in his mind. The people around him tried to console him by saying, ‘You do not worry. We will handle the police’. However, his fears eventually got the better of him. The black magic done on him was meant to compel him to commit suicide and this is exactly what he did. So what had happened in this case was that an irrational fear was instilled into his mind (through intrusive thoughts or waswas generated by the jinnat) that the police would eventually nab him and imprison him. His fears grew so stronger that he felt that there is no escape and he should put his life to end to avoid the embarrassment of getting aught. Unfortunately, his real problem was not identified due to lack of awareness about black magic.
·         In yet another case of black magic- induced delusion, an otherwise normal woman, started firmly believing that if she ate anything which had been cooked by someone else besides her then she will be poisoned to death. So, she stopped eating a balanced diet and used to cook a meager meal for herself. Consequently, she grew weaker day by day and she would spend long hours sitting under the scorching summer sun. She died soon after and here too, the mission of the black magician was to end her life, which he did successfully by creating this particular delusion in her mind.

    So when the black magic jinnat want to achieve a cunning, evil goal they execute their plan equally cunningly, through such delusions. Unawareness about the tactics of jinnat leads to the perpetuation of the delusions, which proves to be lethal for the victim.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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