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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

A considerable amount of black magic victims suffer from constant headaches and migraine. This does not imply that the enemy is trying to make this happen in particular. The headaches are merely a side-effect of the black magic being done to captivate the victim’s mind.  After all, why would the enemy pay through the nose just to bring about a headache?  When the black magic jinnat try to influence the victim, through intrusive thoughts, into doing something evil, then the result is constant headache. This happens because the intrusive thoughts which are planted into the victim’s mind are irrational and weird. Such thoughts produce fear which in turn leads to constant headaches. So as long as the victim is being subjected to black magic meant to hypnotize and control him his mind will be bombarded by the demonic intrusive thoughts which lead to headaches. Besides this, there are numerous cases wherein the enemy’s motive is not to influence the victim’s mind to make him/her do something in particular. Rather they wish to inflict physical pain on the victim. There are numerous physical ailments which can be brought about by one’s enemy through black magic.

Here are some of them:
·         Throat infection which causes muffled speech
·         Breathing problems
·         Deafness
·         Body pain
·         Toothaches, gum bleeding and other dental problems
·         Erratic and fast heart beat.

If a person suffers from a painful boil, the doctors can easily pinpoint the cause, i.e. the bacteria named Staphylococcus or staph. In case of malaria the culprit is the Anopheles mosquitoes whereas dengue is caused by the dengue virus. Every type of physical ailment has a particular cause behind it but if we consider about the types of physical ailments which are inflicted on the victim through black magic jinnat, so what will the doctors have to say about their cause? It goes without saying that the all the scans, screening tests and check ups cannot detect a hand of a jinn or demon behind the pain. This can only be done through spiritual healing. Moreover, if a particular physical problem has been brought about through sifli practices and not due to some physical factor (such as a bacteria or a virus) then the victim will not get any relief from medications but his condition will begin to improve after spiritual healing.

In other words, the physical ailments caused by black magic cannot be explained by medical science.  This inability of medical science has led to the birth of another psychological disorder known as Somatization disorder. This disorder has been characterized by a chronic condition in which a patient shows physical symptoms but no physical cause can be detected. The reason why a physical cause cannot be detected by the medicos is because a physical cause does not exist! This is the main reason why despite research spanning more than a century, uncertainties are still hovering over the pathophysiology of somatization disorders.

To wind up the matter, if a person suffers from physical pain but the doctors diagnose it as a somatization disorder and are clueless about its cause then a logical way is to deal with the issue spiritually.   

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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