Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

If one really needs to escape from the clutches of a psychological disorder then the real solution can be found only through Islamic psychology.

Islam has thrown light on this topic in an in-depth and realistic way whereas the western psychology can only entangle us in a maze of confusion and lead us nowhere. Even in the 21st century, the western psychologists are unable to offer a single, solid and tangible cause why people suffer from intrusive thoughts. Islam, on the contrary makes things simpler for us by ending all the speculation and utter chaos surrounding the concept of the so-called intrusive thoughts. According to Islam, these intrusive thoughts (which according to western psychiatry are the root cause of various psychological problems) are the evil thoughts whispered into the ears of people by Satan. Islam has made it clear that Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind and the only weapon possessed by Satan to mislead and destroy us and thereby succeed in his mission against Allah (swt), is through the infamous Satanic whispers.

The hitherto complicated problem created by the disturbing Satanic whispers gets further aggravated if people also face an onslaught of black magic by their enemies. This makes the situation quite tricky for a person to handle because this means that instead of just one devil, there might be many more, trying to gnaw at his ears in a bid to influence him or her. These Satanic whispers, known in the western world of psychology as intrusive thoughts, are simply assaults at a psychic level for which the enemy hires black magicians. The intention behind doing so is generally jealousy, malice, envy; a burning desire to stay ahead in competition, vengeance and greed. The innocent victims are oblivious and unsuspicious about the evil designs of their enemies and more than often consider them to be their well-wishers.

Now the question may crop up that why the black magic jinnat try to harm the victims through Satanic whispers? What sort of a weapon is this? Does it produce any tangible results or not?
As far as the lethalness of this weapon is concerned it has been described as a being weak by the Holy Quran.
Allah (swt) says in the Quran-4:76, ‘Ever feeble is the plot of Shaitan’.
Satan only succeeds in his mission when a person lacks enough faith in the Almighty Allah (swt).

Now coming back to the main point, we should realize that Satan cannot force us into committing any misdeed, physically. This is where his weakness lies. Moreover, he cannot shake the faith of Allah (swt)’s slaves also because they understand his evil motives and cunning strategies. In this case also his weakness stands exposed.

So rather than trying to exert pressure on people physically Satan is left with the only option of trying to influence their thought patterns. So he tries to attack them on a mental level. If the black magician is hired to wreck the victim’s career then the former will instruct his devils to plants negative thoughts in the victim’s mind regarding his work. Resultantly the na├»ve victim will identify those satanic whispers as being his own thoughts and start losing interest in his work. He will be cunningly bombarded with thoughts by the evil jinnat which will induce laziness and disinterestedness in him and which will distract him totally or partially from his work sphere, depending on the power of the jinnat. So by controlling the victim’s mind through evil whispers/intrusive thoughts the devils eventually hypnotize him and make him a puppet in their hands.
   Thus the evil mission of the enemy, the black magician and his jinnat is accomplished and the victim is rendered jobless.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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