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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Those suffering from intrusive thoughts or the ‘hearing voices’ syndrome can be grouped into two broad categories- first are those who have faith in Allah (swt) and the others who are devoid of it. It has been found that if a person who has faith suffers from such thoughts then they easily identify such thoughts as being demonic in nature. Once they understand the real nature of the intrusive thoughts, which lead to hordes of the so-called psychiatric problems, they are in a better position to handle those thoughts or waswasas. Besides self-talk- in which most of us indulge once in a while-we can get thoughts from our own conscience, which are also known as the sixth sense. However, this phenomenon is entirely different from the intrusive, demonic thoughts because they come from our own soul. Such thoughts are always positive and they guide us towards the right direction. On the contrary the Satanic intrusive thoughts are meant to create panic in our minds. Their underlying purpose is always evil and they are meant to dislodge us from the reality, to petrify us or entice us into doing something evil. If we dwell in these thoughts instead of remaining unaffected then they incite negative emotions and tensions in our mind. Therefore, such intrusive thoughts can be easily distinguished from the thoughts we receive from our soul as the latter do not create tensions in our mind. Overcoming such devil-induced thoughts is a matter of faith and awareness about the true nature of these thoughts. Those suffering from such thoughts but lacking faith are definitely not able to tackle these thoughts effectively.  

Mishandling and overrating of the intrusive thoughts can create several types of problems in a person which have been cleverly named as psychological disorders. One of the names assigned to such paranormal problems is dissociative identity disorder.

Now let us analyze the symptoms of this disorder from the western psychology’s viewpoint.

People who are thought to be suffering from this disorder show the following signs:
·         Split personality
·         Depression
·         Suicidal tendencies
·         Night terrors
·         Intrusive thoughts
·         Hearing voices
·         Mood swings
·         Compulsions
·         Hallucinations-auditory and visual
·         Out-of –the body experiences
·         Self-mutilation
·         A feeling of being a passenger in their own body, instead of being a driver.
·         A feeling that their mind is under someone else’s control
·         A feeling that they are being compelled into doing things which they do not do normally.  

If we notice, we may find that each of the above mentioned symptom occurs in the cases of black magic too. So if someone is suffering from the above mentioned symptoms then it is quite unlikely that they may get any relief from medical treatment because the problem is a supernatural one. If a person tries solving his DID problem from the western psychological viewpoint then he will find there is a lack of consent in the diagnosis and also the treatment of DID. In fact, in western psychology, even the cause of DID is shrouded in controversies. However, if a person tries solving his problem from the Islamic psychology’s viewpoint then all his queries will get answered because this concept is quite clear for any spiritual healer.

When the jinnat manage to possess the victim and start dwelling in his body then they affect his personality, nature, moods, habits etc. Sometimes when they show up before an Islamic exorcist then they can start speaking in an alien language which the victim is unfamiliar with. All these phenomena have been presented in a bewildering way by the west so the real solution lies only in Islamic exorcism.

The spiritual healers can identify the true nature of any problem, whether it is physical or paranormal and offer a proper diagnosis so the victim will be in safe hands. On the other hand the psychiatrists deny the presence of souls, angels and other paranormal entities. So they can never refer a patient to a spiritual healer and will go on with their misdiagnosis.     

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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